Everything about Termite & Pest Control Adelaide

Things about Termite & Pest Control Adelaide

Prior to a treatment solution is chosen, an assessment must be conducted on the property to determine exactly how serious the problem is and which goods or treatments would suit the situation. A termite attack can only be successfully battled with the most appropriate treatment program.

We provide a variety of termite treatments to our customers. The tailored termite management system which we can put in position is determined by looking at your property and other environmental aspects. Our detailed termite treatment programs and quotation might include recommendations for monitoring, baiting systems, chemical soil treatments, and termite colony location and eradication. .

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This depends on the kind of treatment recommended and chosen. A termite baiting program can take around four hours to install and then routine visits over subsequent months to monitor effectiveness.

Elimination of the attacking colony using a termite dust can take a couple of visits over 8-10 weeks. A soil treated zone may take around a day to install and can be active for up to eight years.

Once you've got a termite treatment done on your house, it is usually active for several decades, depending on the particular method and formulations applied. Another variable is the remaining life of the formulation in the soil, which fluctuates according to the amount of moisture present and the type of soil substrate.

According to the Australian Standard for termite management (AS 3660), it is strongly recommended to have a property inspected for termites at least once a year or more often in high-risk places. Having your home inspected regularly enables the early detection of termites, thus mitigating harm to timber and the cost of repairs or replacement. .

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The termite treatment implemented on your premises is determined by the pest inspection that our qualified technicians conduct. Our termite specialists will ensure that the individualized treatment put in position is specially suited to your home and the environment. Our termite treatment options include Flixterm Termite Interception and Baiting System, which can be an environmentally friendly termite solution that monitors, intercepts and eliminates termites.

If we find that there are live termites in your home, we'll perform termite dusting directly where termites are feeding on wood. .

All Flick Anticimex Pty Ltd (QBCC Act Lic 54798) Timber Pest inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3 (2010) and Australian Standard 4349.0 (2007).

Termites and other insects which infest timber can wreak havoc on your house, causing structural damage that's extremely costly to repair.

All About Termite & Pest Control Adelaide

Often known as white ants, termites are insects that devour timber and many cellulose containing materials like paper, cardboard, etc.. There are fantastic variations in the color, shape, and size of termites depending upon the species but they are all characterised by certain similarities. These critters fall under the order Isoptera and are closely related to cockroaches on the evolutionary scale.

Termites are social insects, living together in colonies. Some, like the magnetic termite, reside in above-ground mounds. Others, like the Nasutitermes type, reside all the way up in trees and telephone poles where they build arboreal nests. Others, like the Coptotermes species, can be found in tree stumps or at the base of trees.  Termites may also be found hiding in the walls and rooves of residences. .

Termite colonies can contain up to several million termites. The insects in each colony are divided into castes which determine their activities. Termites in the worker caste are responsible for digging tunnels and ensuring food supply. Soldiers prevent intruders from harming the colony, while reproductive termites' or alates' main job will be to perpetuate the species via an annual colonising flight.

Things about Quality Termite Control

White ant is the this hyperlink common name for termites of which there are many species. While termite is the appropriate term, they are often known as white ants because of their appearance. They resemble ants and therefore are a milky white colour.

Termites devour the cellulose that is found in newspaper and timber-based products. The timber is often eaten from the inside, leaving a paper-thin shell on the exterior that appears mottled or wrinkled and often stained with spots of sand. On residential properties, termites often infest finished timbers like door frames, skirting boards and architraves, subfloor timbers and framing. .

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If you imagine a termite problem, it is very important that you have a timber pest inspection done by an accredited professional, who should provide you with a comprehensive written report and a proposal for eradication and potential control.

All Flick Anticimex Pty Ltd (QBCC Act Lic 54798) wood pest inspections are performed in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3 (2010) and Australian Standard 4349.0 (2007). This wood pest inspection will then determine the appropriate termite management system that needs to be implemented on your own premises.

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